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Python meetup in BIM

A meetup for persons in Barbados interested in Python. Figure out what's right for you, find out what you need to learn to become a Python programmer.

Python meetup in BIM

What you’ll learn

A tour of python technologies

  • Why Python? A Basic overview 
  • A look at Python frameworks
  • Python for content management

Presenter: David Bain (founder of Alteroo and the Tutorate project, President of PythonJamaica). 
When: Thursday July 9, 2015
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Location: to be finalized

Price: BBD$35

Python's popularity has exploded in recent years and there's a great demand for Python programmers. Python is used at Uber, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, EventBrite to name a few. Because of its easy to learn approach it has also become the preferred starter language in computer science education. 

Whether you're a seasoned Python programmer or you're just coming to learn. Come to this meetup and learn more about Python and related technologies.

Intended Audience

Career Switchers

Startups and Startup owners